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Watch Out for Back to School Accidents!

Edward Kim | 08.30.22

As the new school year approaches, Atlanta parents should know the dangers their kids face while traveling to and from school. Every year, countless accidents occur involving children who get hit by cars or buses, suffer playground injuries, or suffer from assault by other students. The 5 Common Types of Back-to-School Accidents Falls – Slip

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How Much Compensation Can You Get After a Brain Injury?

Edward Kim | 07.15.22

If you or someone you love suffered a brain injury in a car accident or any type of accident, you may wonder how much compensation you can receive. While no two brain injury cases are ever quite the same, you might feel surprised to learn that brain injury cases can settle for millions.To learn more

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Elements Required to Pursue a Slip and Fall Case in Georgia

Edward Kim | 06.02.22

Did you slip and fall in a restaurant, bar, department store, or another person’s property? If so, you may be able to file a claim against the negligent property seeking damages. An experienced Georgia slip and fall accident lawyer can examine your case and help you explore all your legal options. What is Premises Liability?

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Will My Insurance Rates Go Up If I Make a Claim on My Own Insurance Policy?

Edward Kim | 04.13.22

Many drivers pay monthly to have insurance on their vehicles. This insurance is a safety net in case they get into an accident. When their car suffers damage from an uninsured driver or if they cause a crash, they can turn to their own policy to help pay for that damage. While this sounds good

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Should I File a Claim for Whiplash?

Edward Kim | 03.01.22

Whiplash is another name for soft tissue damage to the neck. You have probably heard of these injuries in movies and on TV. In fact, these injuries have gotten a bad rap, with many people thinking whiplash is a made-up injury, used to secure an (undeserved) accident settlement. This is simply not true. Whiplash is

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