Atlanta, GA Slip & Fall Accident Attorney

Slip and falls, or trip and falls, can happen in someone’s home, a business, or on public property. These accidents occur when an owner fails to maintain a safe property for guests and/or customers. Our Atlanta slip & fall lawyers will investigate and determine who is responsible for maintaining the safety of the premises. We will then ensure you receive proper medical treatment. Finally, we will pursue compensation from the at fault party.

Slip and Fall Accidents occur as a result of many different circumstances, such as:

  • Wet Floors
  • Poor Lighting
  • Broken Sidewalks
  • Broken Stairways
  • Unguarded Dangerous Areas
  • Failure To Warn

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere.

You could fall in a grocery store or clothing store.  You could trip in a garage deck or parking lot.  You could even slip in someone’s home or backyard. 

Regardless of where you slip and fall, if the property owner has a duty to keep you safe and you’ve been injured, you have a potential personal injury case against the owner.

Slip and fall accidents often results in serious injuries.

From broken bones to traumatic brain injuries, and unfortunately, even death.  Serious injuries require the expertise of slip and fall attorneys who handle these types of cases daily.  Insurance companies will take advantage of victims without legal representation and also attorneys who are unfamiliar with tort law.  Make sure you hire an experienced slip and fall injury lawyer in Atlanta who will protect your injury claim and deliver maximum value.

Just win.

At KIM LAW, the consultations are FREE.  There are no upfront out of pocket costs or expenses. You only pay a fee, if we win the case.  Give us the opportunity to explain how we will win your case.  It doesn’t cost you anything.  We take slip and fall accident claims seriously and we will fight aggressively to deliver the settlement you deserve.

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