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Who is Liable if a Road Hazard Causes a Crash?

The Kim Law Team | 05.01.22

Road hazards are one of the leading causes of crashes on our roads. Whether it’s an icy patch, a pothole, or debris, these road hazards can easily cause drivers to lose control and crash their vehicles. According to recent statistics from the US Department of Transportation, nearly 1 million car accidents each year involve some

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Negligence for Emotional Distress in Georgia

The Kim Law Team | 04.22.22

Did you get into an accident that was not your fault? If so, not only are you entitled to compensation for your medical expenses and lost wages related to the accident, but you are also entitled to “pain and suffering” damages. Pain and suffering cover not only actual physical pain but also the emotional distress

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Will My Insurance Rates Go Up If I Make a Claim on My Own Insurance Policy?

The Kim Law Team | 04.13.22

Many drivers pay monthly to have insurance on their vehicles. This insurance is a safety net in case they get into an accident. When their car suffers damage from an uninsured driver or if they cause a crash, they can turn to their own policy to help pay for that damage. While this sounds good

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Should I File a Claim for Whiplash?

The Kim Law Team | 03.01.22

Whiplash is another name for soft tissue damage to the neck. You have probably heard of these injuries in movies and on TV. In fact, these injuries have gotten a bad rap, with many people thinking whiplash is a made-up injury, used to secure an (undeserved) accident settlement. This is simply not true. Whiplash is

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How Dangerous is I-285?

The Kim Law Team | 02.16.22

In Atlanta, you can’t often get many places without getting onto I-285. The I-285 is an interstate that circles Atlanta, and it’s filled with high traffic at all hours of the day and night. How dangerous is I-285 in Atlanta? To better answer this question, it is important to look at the statistics and learn

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