Motorcycle Accidents
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Seeking Justice After a Motorcycle Hit-and-Run Accident

Edward Kim | 09.21.23

If you or someone you love was hurt in a motorcycle hit-and-run accident, it is important to know that you are not alone. These accidents are horrific and terrifying to experience, and victims are often worried that they’ll be left picking up the pieces without the crucial compensation they deserve. What should you do now?

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Atlanta

Edward Kim | 07.22.23

When you’re on a motorcycle, you’re more vulnerable to accidents than when you’re in a car. Motorcycles provide less protection than cars and are less visible to other drivers on the road. As such, when motorcyclists get into an accident with other vehicles, they suffer the majority of the injuries and damages. Unfortunately, many motorcycle

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What Happens If I’m Injured in an Uber?

Edward Kim | 05.17.23

If you use Uber to get around Atlanta, you might have wondered, “What happens if I’m injured in an Uber?” You might be relieved to know that Uber has a large insurance policy that helps compensate accident victims. However, it is not always easy to collect compensation from this policy, and Uber may look for

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Is Lane Splitting Legal in Georgia?

Edward Kim | 01.10.23

Lane splitting, also known as lane filtering, is a controversial practice that involves a motorcycle rider driving between lanes of stopped or slower-moving vehicles. While it is legal in some states, it is not legal in Georgia. There are pros and cons of lane splitting. If you suffered an injury in a lane-splitting motorcycle crash

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What To Do After a Motorcycle Crash in Atlanta?

Edward Kim | 12.20.22

According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services, motorcyclists are significantly overrepresented in traffic fatalities, even though they represent just 2 percent of all registered vehicles. In 2019, motorcyclists represented 11 percent of total traffic fatalities and 21 percent of total driver fatalities. In the state of Georgia, there were 139 traffic fatalities in 2017,

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