Bicycle Accidents
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What Happens If I’m Injured in an Uber?

Edward Kim | 05.17.23

If you use Uber to get around Atlanta, you might have wondered, “What happens if I’m injured in an Uber?” You might be relieved to know that Uber has a large insurance policy that helps compensate accident victims. However, it is not always easy to collect compensation from this policy, and Uber may look for

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Atlanta Still Trying to Curb Bicycle Accidents

Edward Kim | 08.10.21

A 2018 Atlanta Magazine article found a 53 percent increase in bicyclist and pedestrian collisions from 2006 to 2015 in the city of Atlanta. During that same period of time, there was a 26 percent increase in bicyclist and pedestrian fatalities. The state of Georgia ranks 7th out of 50 for states with the most

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Is Atlanta a Safe Biking City?

Edward Kim | 02.19.21

In 2012, Atlanta officials made a goal to double Atlanta’s bike lanes to help the city become more bike friendly. They wanted the city to become a top-10 cycling city where cyclists could feel safe commuting. In the years since, Atlanta has doubled their bikeway mileage with more than 116 miles of bike lanes stretching

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