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Georgia Car Accidents Soar Despite Pandemic

The Kim Law Team | 06.01.21

During the pandemic, many people worked from home and avoided large crowds. They embraced the great outdoors and sheltered in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result, many safety experts hoped car accident injuries and fatalities would decrease during this time. Unfortunately, that has proven not to be the case. A

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Should I Go To the Doctor After an Accident?

The Kim Law Team | 05.15.21

After an accident, you may not know where to turn to for help. You may feel dazed and confused and uncertain what steps you should take next. You may initially feel fine and lucky to have escaped the accident relatively unharmed. As a result, you may turn your focus towards getting your car repaired and

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Seeking Justice When Your Spouse Dies in an Accident

The Kim Law Team | 05.01.21

After a tragic and fatal car accident, many spouses in Georgia are left alone to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. If you are one of them, you know firsthand how devastating this can be. During this time of grief, insurance companies and creditors may come circling. This can leave newly widowed spouses

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What Should I Look For in a Car Accident Attorney?

The Kim Law Team | 04.20.21

What Should I Look For in a Car Accident Attorney? Perhaps you got into a rear-end accident on Peachtree Street? Maybe you were involved in a hit-and-run car accident on I-285? Maybe you were hit by a drunk driver in Buckhead? No matter how your car accident occurred, one thing is certain: you need an

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What are the Deadlines for Filing a Georgia Car Accident Claim?

The Kim Law Team | 04.12.21

Did you suffer an injury in a car accident in Georgia? If so, you only have a specific amount of time to file a claim to recover damages. This deadline is known as the statute of limitations. Every state has one and each state determines the amount of time they allocate to victims and survivors.

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