If you or someone you love suffered a brain injury in a car accident or any type of accident, you may wonder how much compensation you can receive. While no two brain injury cases are ever quite the same, you might feel surprised to learn that brain injury cases can settle for millions.To learn more about your legal rights and whether you can file a claim to collect compensation after suffering a brain injury, call an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney immediately.

Understanding Brain Injuries

According to the CDC, there were approximately 223,135 traumatic brain-related hospitalizations in 2019 and 64,362 traumatic brain-related deaths in 2020. These estimates do not include the traumatic brain injuries treated in the ER, urgent care, or those that go untreated.

People over the age of 75 had the highest number of TBI-related hospitalizations and accounted for more than one-fourth of TBI-related deaths. Males are much more likely to be hospitalized and die from traumatic brain injuries than females. The primary causes of traumatic brain injuries include:

If you or a loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury, you may choose to file a personal injury claim against the negligent person who caused your brain injury. When you do, you might wonder what your traumatic brain injury claim is worth.

What Type of Compensation Can You Receive After a TBI

While every claim is unique, most brain injury claims settle for a minimum of $100,000 and can settle more than several million dollars. Because traumatic brain injuries can result in permanent, lasting damages, the settlement can be significant. Your compensation may include:

More severe traumatic brain injuries can leave the patient with disabilities that require continuous care. Because TBIs can cause memory loss or other cognitive issues, brain injury survivors may need in-home care.

Loss of balance and impaired motor skills are commonly seen among those with TBI injuries, meaning extensive rehabilitation therapy may be required—and can be a long, expensive process. Loss of productivity for those with a traumatic brain injury is also common, preventing them from returning to work for an extended period—or forever.

It is much more challenging to assess the costs associated with the loss of enjoyment of life. TBI victims often never recover their ability to engage in normal day-to-day activities.

Cognitive and motor skill impairment among those with TBI can take a significant toll on the family members who care for them. Family members may have to give up their careers to care for a loved one who has a traumatic brain injury because they cannot afford an outside caretaker.  As you can see, it is not just the victim of a traumatic brain injury that has lost the ability to realize dreams and ambitions. It can be other members of the family as well.

Victims of traumatic brain injury may partially recover—at least enough to maintain a productive life. This recovery depends heavily on receiving the best medical attention immediately following the accident and in the months and years afterward. Unfortunately, the quality of care may depend on an individual’s financial resources—particularly for long-term care following immediate medical care.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Did you or a loved one suffer a traumatic brain injury? If so, it can be beneficial to speak to an Atlanta brain injury attorney who can help you determine what your damages from the accident will be.

When the negligence of a person or entity is responsible for an accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury, insurance should pay a fair settlement for those injuries. If the accident that caused your TBI was particularly malicious—such as a drunk driving accident—you may be entitled to punitive damages along with economic and non-economic damages.

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