Car accidents are the second leading cause of traumatic brain injuries. In fact, nearly 20 percent of all brain injuries are caused by motor vehicle crashes. However, sometimes, these injuries are not properly diagnosed. When a medical professional fails to recognize the signs and symptoms of a serious brain injury, the results can be fatal.

After a car accident in Atlanta, accident victims often experience a surge of adrenaline. This surge of adrenaline can mask signs and symptoms of a serious brain injury. As such, they don’t immediately seek medical attention because they believe they’re uninjured.

Unfortunately, as the days pass, these injured accident victims may begin to realize that something is not right. They may start to slur their speech or suffer from debilitating headaches. When they do finally go to the emergency room or to a doctor’s office, medical professionals may not take the time to properly evaluate their condition. Or they may overlook more serious symptoms.

What happens when doctors or specialists miss a brain injury or fail to recognize the severity of the injury?

Sadly, when there is a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of a brain injury, further brain injury can occur. In some cases, this can permanently impair brain function, resulting in a longer recovery time and even death.

Why are Traumatic Brain Injuries Sometimes Misdiagnosed Following a Car Accident?

Medical professionals have a duty and responsibility to provide the best care for their patients. This means thoroughly evaluating car accident victims for signs of a traumatic brain injury. Yet sometimes, doctors and specialists miss the signs of a brain injury.

There are many reasons why a medical professional may fail to diagnose a brain injury after an Atlanta car accident, including:

When TBI Symptoms Worsen Over Time

Symptoms of a TBI regarding behavior, sleep, memory, and thought processing may not become readily apparent for days, even weeks following the car accident. For some, symptoms are not noticeable while they are at home and resting. However, once they return to work, they might suddenly find they are having difficulty concentrating, multitasking, or accomplishing tasks that once were second nature.

When left undiagnosed, TBIs can affect overall physical health, cognitive abilities, and mental wellness. An untreated brain injury can result in anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. It is imperative that doctors diagnose brain injuries—no matter how “minor”—following an Atlanta car accident.

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