Motorcycle accidents in Atlanta are often serious and catastrophic. In the days and weeks that follow the crash, injured bikers may focus heavily on their injuries and on recovering. However, as time goes on, these thoughts often shift to riding again and to getting their bike repaired.

In Atlanta, the “at fault” driver is responsible for fixing your bike and for repairing the damage they caused. While this seems simple, it is not. Obtaining the compensation you need after a serious motorcycle accident is difficult and often requires the help of an experienced Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer.

Insurance companies are biased against motorcyclists, and they often try to pin some of the blame on the biker. Adjusters then try to pressure injured motorcyclists into accepting a quick settlement that is far less than they need to truly recover. Many of these settlement offers barely cover the repairs needed to get your bike back on the open road.

If you want to get full payment for your motorcycle repairs after an accident, do not talk to the insurance company without first reading these tips!

5 Tips For Getting Full Payment for Motorcycle Repairs

  1. Obtain a police report. A police report is the best way to establish fault after a motorcycle crash. Without this report, it will just be your word versus theirs. It is very difficult to recover damages from an accident without this report. The officer that arrives at the accident scene will detail the facts of the crash, including when and where it occurred and who they believe is at fault.
  2. Take pictures. You may not be in a position to take pictures right after your accident occurs, and that’s ok. As soon as you are able, take pictures of your bike and the damage it suffered. Get as many pictures as you can and take these pictures from various angles.
  3. Get estimates. Once you are able, it is important to get an estimate of the damage your motorcycle suffered. It is also best to get estimates from various repair shops. Take your bike to various repair shops and ask them to print out full estimates. You can use these to submit to the insurance company when you are ready. Be sure these estimates include costs to replace any upgrades you made to the motorcycle, such as custom engine work or paint jobs.
  4. Do not get the motorcycle repaired. Sometimes bikers are so keen to get back on their motorcycles, that they pay for repairs out-of-pocket. They pay for these repairs, hoping they will get reimbursed when they get a settlement. Do not do this. Repairs erase valuable evidence that may help your case. Your attorney will need to evaluate the crash damage and use this to help you win maximum compensation after an accident.
  5. Talk to an experienced motorcycle attorney. Motorcycle attorneys often offer free initial consultations and reviews. Go speak to an attorney and get an idea of how much you could demand from the insurance company. Hiring an attorney is the best way to ensure that you receive maximum compensation for the damage you suffered.

What If Your Motorcycle is Totaled?

Sometimes the cost to repair your motorcycle is higher than the market value for your bike. When this occurs, the insurance company may say your motorcycle is “totaled.” An insurance company may consider your motorcycle “totaled” if the damage exceeds 75 percent of the bike’s cash value or if the frame needs to be replaced. They may also consider it “totaled” if mechanics cannot safely repair the structural damage it suffered.

In this situation, you are entitled to the book market value of your motorcycle. The insurance company will determine the value of your motorcycle and present this offer to you.

It is important to know that you do not have to accept this initial offer. Make sure you do your own value research and consider letting a motorcycle accident lawyer negotiate property damage claims on your behalf.

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