After an accident, you may not know where to turn to for help. You may feel dazed and confused and uncertain what steps you should take next. You may initially feel fine and lucky to have escaped the accident relatively unharmed. As a result, you may turn your focus towards getting your car repaired and talking to insurers. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Before you do anything — go see a doctor.

An accident is a terrifying ordeal. Immediately after a crash, your body floods with adrenaline. This adrenaline masks the seriousness of many injuries. As such, injured accident victims may feel “fine” at first. However, in the hours or days following the crash, they may come to realize just how injured they truly are.

For this reason, it is important to go see a doctor immediately after any car accident even if you believe you are uninjured. A doctor can examine you and determine if you have any injuries that might worsen in the coming days or weeks. Some injuries, such as head injuries and soft tissue injuries may only become apparent after undergoing a thorough examination and imaging.

A Medical Examination Can Help Your Case

If you wait too long to see a doctor after your accident, the insurance company may question the validity of your claim. They may wonder if you are really injured. They may even claim that your injuries are not related to the accident at all. To avoid potential pushback from the insurance companies and to strengthen your case, you must seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you wish to file a lawsuit, a medical examination can help you establish your injury and significantly increase your chances of success.

Talk to Your Doctor After a Crash

After your accident, it is best to visit your nearest urgent care or emergency room if you are experiencing pain. However, if you don’t believe you suffered serious injuries, you might want to wait to see your primary care physician. When you do meet with a doctor, it is important to talk with them openly about what happened, including how you got hurt in the crash.

After the examination, be sure to ask the doctor what the treatment plan looks like, as well as future prognosis. Do not go back to work without approval from your doctor. You might make your injuries worse.

How Can You Help Your Injury Case?

Injured accident victims typically want to know how they can help their case. While your injury lawyer handles your case, you can help by:

If you fail to follow your doctor’s treatment plan, you may seriously jeopardize your ability to collect the compensation you deserve. The best things you can do to help your case is to work with your Atlanta personal injury lawyer and medical staff.

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